ISIS Releases Posters Kill Ronaldo and Messi

ISIS Releases Posters Kill Ronaldo and Messi –┬áThe terror groups of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS threatened to behead two football stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in Russia’s 2018 World Cup. ISIS also released terrible posters about the threat.

ISIS Releases Posters Kill Ronaldo and Messi

The posters, released on Telegram’s encrypted message channel, depict graphically two masked terrorists stepping on the backs of the two soccer players while pointing the swords at their respective necks and cutting their necks with the sword in the middle of the crowded stadium.

As reported by Al Arabiyah on May 18, 2018, another ISIS threat poster shows a terrorist in a combat uniform gripping the explosive while looking into the field at the stadium which is also fully charged.

ISIS uses these posters to imply the threat of terror during the 2018 World Cup event in Russia. ISIS in March 2017 threatened to kill Messi, captain of the Argentine national team, by showing photos of Messi nonton film online wearing a typical orange uniform of Guantanamo Bay prisoners. The background is the Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow.

The previous ISIS posters show pictures of Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar as victims of terrorist organizations. Earlier Iraq and Syrian Islamic State (ISIS) groups reportedly released a poster to attack the world’s biggest football event, the.

Reportedly, the 2018 World Cup will be held in 11 Russian cities from 14 June to 15 July with the final party held in Luzhniki, Moscow. Apparently, this is not the first time ISIS spread the threat to the World Cup which kick off it will begin on 14 June.

In October last year, there was also a poster featuring football superstar Lionel Messi dripping blood tears used by ISIS to threaten the 2018 World Cup event in Russia. In the poster the Argentine star was wearing a prison uniform with his name printed on the chest.

On the poster was then written “Just Terrorism” plus the sentence reads “You fight against a state that does not know the word failed in his dictionary”. The poster was released by ISIS-affiliated media, the Wafa Media Foundation, which is the group’s latest propaganda regarding the threat to the four-year event.