Basic Guide MAXBET

How to Login and Change Password MAXBET, GUIDE LOG IN AND CHANGE


  • Go to in your browser.
  • Type in username and password in the username and password field you get from us our agent Kawanbet88, then type in four (4) validation code number and click “GO”.
  • You will then move to the “Agreement” page, then select “Agree”.
  • You will be brought into the Maxbet home page.
  • Note the menus at the top of your page (About Us, Account, How to Use, Rules & Regulations, FAQ) Below you will see the Change Password menu, click there.
  • Type in the password Kawanbet88 gave to you in the “Please confirm your current password” field. Then type the Password you want in the “Password” field, please note the new password must be at least 6 digits / maximum 10 digits and contains 2 letters and must also contain capital letters. For example: Abcd1234 (uppercase letter A). Write your new password again in the “Confirm Password” field and then click “Submit”.
  • Then will appear notification “Change Password Success”, If failed, please repeat again starting from Point 5 and Point 6.
  • Then please click “logout” and Log in back with the new password you created earlier .

Explanation of MAXBET menus :

  1. Time: This field indicates when the game will start. The time difference is WIB + 1. So for example in this example, the match Colombus Crew vs. Wigan Athletic showed 7.30 AM (7.30 am), it means 6.30 am or 06.30 AM.
  2. Event: This field is for matches and the type of competition. As can be seen drawn above, there is a type of Club Friendly competition (a friendly match) between Colombus Crew and Wigan Athletic, and so on. Red-colored team gives voor and Team is black get voor, In the picture above Wigan Athletic red and Colombus Crew black color. In addition, the team that is above the host example for example the match Colombus Crew Vs Wigan Athletic above is a colombus crew, then the colombus crew is the host situs poker domino qq.
  3. FT.HDP: stands for Full Time Handicap or vooran for balls of time (2 × 45 minutes). This column contains voor market for Full Time Handicap or vooran for game (2 x 45 minutes) or until the game runs out round 1 and round 2/90 minutes. In this picture watch the game Tigres UANL (on the right Tigres UANL) there are numbers 0.5-1 gray and 1,040 colors black also -1.110 red. How to Play Maxbet Ball Online 3
  4. The 0.5-1 gray color indicates Tigres UANL gives voor half one / three quarters (3/4). If here you hold a minimum UANL Tigres FT result (Full Time) or final score must be more than one goal to win full (2-0, 3-1, 4-2, etc). Because if Tigres UANL wins only one goal difference (1-0, 2-1, 3-2, etc.) then you will only win half (1/2) of your bet. And if the draw / draw (0-0, 1-1, ff) then if you hold UANL Tigres then you lose, but if you hold Atlas and score series because you get voor then you win or even if Atlas wins (0-1, 1-2, etc.) then you win.
  5. For the number -1.110, it is the tax value if you hold Atlas. If you hold the Atlas of 100,000, if you lose 100,000 x -1.110 = 131.000, and if you win only match the number of balls or 100,000 bets.
    For 1,000, it’s a bonus if you hold UANL’s Tigres. If you hold UANL Tigres for 100,000, if you win will be 100,000 x 1,040 = 104.000, and if you lose just hit the number of pairs or 100,000 We hope you understand the difference in red and black color numbers from the above example.
  6. FT.O / U: stands for Full Time Over-Under. This column contains an Over Under market based on total goals only, no matter which team wins or loses. In this picture there are numbers 2.5 and the letters “u” small gray, and the numbers -1.160 red and 1,020 colors black. We deliberately blocked the voor FT HDP column in this image so that you can focus more on the FT O / U column. The 2.5 figure shows the Over Under market for this UANL vs Atlas Tigres game is 2.5. What does it mean? If you hold Over 2.5, the total number of goals must be more than 2.5, ie at least 3 goals (2-1, 1-2, 3-1, 1-3, etc.).
  7. If you hold Under 2.5, the total number of goals should not be more than 2.5, ie a maximum of 2 goals (can be 1-0, 0-1, 2-0, 0-2, 1-1 or 0-0). Please note, if you play for Over Under, which is seen only total goals, no matter which team wins / loses. How to Play Maxbet Ball Online 4
    For the number -1.160, it is the tax value if you hold Over 2.5. If you hold Over 100,000, if you lose 100,000 x -1.160 = 116.000, and if you win only match the number of pairs or 100,000. For the number 1,020, it is a bonus value if you hold Und